Comtrol Mine Phones Make It Work

Comtrol Miners Phones & Copper Wire Feedline

The Comtrol LM1515 is one of the most popular miner phones on the market today.
Simple to use, easy to install with nothing more than a plain pair of copper wire.

Here are a list of all the great features this simple phone offers:Comtrol LM1515 Underground Miners Phone

One NEDA 926 battery.

Mde in the USA
High DC paging current
Compact design
Efficient speaker provides loud
output and extended area of coverage
High voice power to phone line
Easy phone line connections using two lug terminal strip
Transformer-isolation protects the circuit
Minimum battery drain
Easy mounting
Protected page switch
Easy repair
Conformal coating on printed circuit boards
Solid state relay prevents chat ter and allows many units to be installed on the same phone line
Stainless steel construction
Type 304 brushed finish
MSHA Approved 9B-71-1

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Our team provides over 60 years of combined in-the-field experience from mining to technology

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