Data Network Design

Onsite & Offsite Data Storage

Satellite Internet Where You Need It Today

Network Infrastructure Anywhere You Need IT

Wired & Wireless Networks

We build wired & wireless (WiFi) networks that connect your office, mobile camp or mining operation to the internet back-bone.

Applications include:

  • Basic Internet Site connectivity
  • Distributed Wireless LAN (Camp Wide or Building Wide)
  • E-Mail & Web Browsing Access
  • Remote Security Camera monitoring
  • Multi-Line Telephone Services (with BC Phone number)
  • Inter-LAN Connectivity

Onsite Server & Data Management

Inhouse or onsite data management is a cost effective way to handle and protect your data from cloud theft, while at the same time having full control over your assets.  Utilizing this model, you can do many things, including hosting your own E-Mail, Web Content (Web Server) and file storage.  No matter where you’re located, we have the resources to supply you with enterprise grade Internet & data connectivity…. anywhere on Earth.

Be in control of your data, by keeping it secure.

Applications include:

  • Self managed E-Mail Server
  • Self managed Web Content
  • Self Managed File Storage

Remote High Speed Satellite Internet

We supply rural High-Speed Internet via satellite.

Through partnerships with various satellite providers, we offer best-of-breed High-Speed Internet to our valued customers.

Satellite Services offered, include:

  • High Speed Data (25Mbps comparable to broadband)
  • Dedicated IP Address(s) or static
  • Telephone Lines with BC, Yukon & Alberta direct dial access
  • Redundant carrier feed, if required
  • Onsite setup anywhere in the USA or Canada
  • 24/7/365 customer support

Custom Server Construction

We build custom servers, including File Servers, Internet Servers, E-Mail Servers and so much more.

We specialize in robust operating systems such as Linux and BSD; each of which are trusted as enterprise solutions.

Our file servers are loaded with ZFS, which is considered the most trusted type of filesystem.

No matter your requirements, we’ll offer you an enterprise solution that won’t let you down.

60 Years Experience

Our team provides over 60 years of combined in-the-field experience from mining to technology

Certified Professionals

Our team of Professionals includes Engineers (P.Eng), RF Technologists, Electricians and Draftsmen

We Have the Tools

We have the right tools for the job and stand-by our commitment to do our best, no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Fair Price Policy

We don’t compromise quality for safety, hence; we only supply best of breed quality products for each job.  We believe that in order to be competitive, we must meet the demands of the current global economy

Full Warranty

We work with equipment & material suppliers that assure a full warranty on every part. Our installed system warranty covers parts for five years and labor for the first two years. Additional warranty coverage may be purchased

Great Support

Every product needs a level of support.  As part of our initial offering, standard support is provided free for the first three years.  Extended support is offered on a case-by-case basis and may be extended to ten years.  Our level of support remains unsurpassed.